Body Massage

Body Massage

Seated Massage 15 minutes


Half Hour Massage 30 minutes


Swedish Massage 60 minutes


Feel your tensions melt away with this full body relaxation massage. Intended to deeply relax you and your muscles.
Deluxe Swedish 90 Minutes


Half Hour Deep Tissue Massage 30 Minutes


Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes


Deluxe Deep Tissue Massage 90 minutes


Hot Stone Massage 90 minutes


A real treat! This is a full body massage using hot stones to manipulate your muscles. This is a deeply relaxing spa treatment as well as an overall therapeutic massage.
Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes


This massage incorporates the use of personalized essential oils to relax or stimulate according to your needs and desires. Relieves stress, menstrual cramps, back pain, etc.



Massage has many lasting benefits, whether you need to de-stress from a hard day at work, relieve tired and aching muscles or just feel pampered. Massage can help improve your daily living, as well as encourage healthy muscles, lymph flow and venous return. No matter the case, we have a massage treatment just right for you.


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What a wonderful Spa
I love Shingaar Salon

I just loved the spa, and the people were so nice. I would definitely come back!!


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